Photo by Junior Hernandez @thedudejunior

Photo by Junior Hernandez @thedudejunior

Jesse + Lindsay

We are Jesse and Lindsay and together we make Yoohoo Photo. We met in Spanish class in 2010 when we were sophomores in high school (he cheated off of me, do not let his dark skin fool you…he only speaks English). Four years later in May of 2014 we started dating and in December of 2018 we got engaged!!! We started taking pictures professionally in February 2017. What started out as documenting a week of dates turned into multiple people asking to hire us. After enough people asked us we were like why not?! So that’s how Yoohoo Photo came to be. On our first date we watched Frozen and loved the guy who goes, “Yoohoo! Big summer blowout!” It's been a joke between us ever since so we thought it would be the perfect name to represent us.  

Our vision through Yoohoo Photo is to show the beauty in God’s creations whether that’s through relationships, people, nature, or even animals. Our personal style is real emotion, unstaged interactions, film and vintage inspired photos. We both do all the work together as a duo. Primarily we shoot couples and weddings but are open to almost anything! Our favorite shoots are outdoors and we love when clients get creative. You want to have a Winnie the Pooh theme? Bring your instrument? Please do it!

We are based in Dallas/ Fort Worth but love to travel. We would absolutely love to shoot for you! 

p.s. It’s also important to mention that we have a dog together named Lady and she is the love of our lives.


↠ I have a passion for photography and always have but recently picked up a camera for the first time in September 2016.

↠ I go to UNT and I’m majoring in kinesiology.

↠ My favorite food is anything Mexican and my favorite place for salsa is On the Border.

↠ I love adventure and trying new things. I love to hike, camp, kayak, sit around a fire, and have amazing laughs with family and friends.

↠ I’m a Cowboys fan for life! I love them through the good and the bad years (Thank God for Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot).

↠ I am not a fan of roller coasters but I would skydive. It’s on my bucket list.

↠ I love people and getting to know the real them.

↠ I am a volunteer, a son, a brother, an uncle, a nephew, a cousin, and a friend to many.

↠ I’m 5’6” but the doctor told me when I was twelve that I would be 6’4”. I’m still waiting on that growth spurt.

↠ I am a member of a nonprofit organization called Live Like Josh, made after my twin brother who passed away in 2012. (

↠ I’ve worked at Disney World twice. I’ve worked on Pirates of the Caribbean and five other attractions in Tomorrowland! Coolest experiences of my life!

↠ I love animals, particularly whales, flamingos, sharks, penguins, foxes, seahorses, and deer. I've never liked monkeys. All bugs can die. I also have an infatuation with dalmatians.

↠ I won the 4th grade spelling bee.

↠ I figured skated for five years when I was younger.

↠ I’m certified to teach 4th-8th grade science. UNT alumni!

↠ Top favorite movies: About Time, Harry Potter, Dead Poet’s Society, Dumb & Dumber, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Fly Away Home, and Wild. I can’t watch anything even mildly scary. My favorite show is The Office!

↠ My favorite foods are queso and salsa.

↠ I'm always drinking La Croix or coffee.

↠ All my money goes towards travel.

↠ The coolest thing I've ever done is swim with sharks (no cage) off the north shore of Oahu.